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10-31-2003, 07:53 AM
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its pretty simple. there are three lists of reasons.
list #1.
Islanders (playoff team)
Atlanta(2nd hottest team)
@Toronto(playoff team)
@Montreal(back to back)
@Dallas(2nd round playoff team)
@St. Louis(playoff team and back to back)
@Ottawa( conference finals, president's cup(?))
@Toronto(playoff team)
Anaheim(Cup Finals team)
as of a couple of day ago this schedule was 26-12-5-3
list #2
Steve Eminger(rookie)
Joel Kwiatkowski(started last year in AHL, 34games for washington his most in the nhl)
Jason Doig(started last year in AHL, 55 games for washington his most in the NHL)
John Gruden(not the football coach, the other guy. played last year in germany, career minor leaguer)
Josef Boumedienne(started last year in the AHL, 10 career NHL games)
Brian Sutherby(started last year in AHL, scored 2 goals in limited minutes in NHL)
Matt Pettinger(rookie, last year AHL)
Boyd Gordon(rookie, last year junior hockey)
Brian Willsie(last year ahl, 74 NHL games)
Stephan Peat(69 NHL games)
Alexander Semin(19year old rookie, last year russian league)
THAT IS HALF THE ROSTER!!!! Rookies and career minor leaguers.
list #3
A.Goalie Olaf Kolzig has stolen 1 pt with a great effort. A tie in Toronto.
While the defense has been pitiful and the offense spotty, Kolzig's lack of big game performance as not given the young players the confidence that they need to get past their mistakes.
B. Jaromir Jagr has the ability or at least used to have the ability to carry a game. Much the same as Kolzig can steal a game with his play and make up for a poor performance, Jagr has the same capability. The Caps have had one brief lead in the last 8 games. Two first period goals from the team's best player could go a long way to stopping the streak and nothing close to that has occured. Instead its been the reverse.
1 pt in the last 7 games.
C. Bruce Cassidy. I see the value of occasionally benching a guy or changing lines up or adjusting ice time loads, but Cassidy has seemed to changed at least one line for the past 7 games and has juggled line inside games in every game since the 2nd game. We have already established the overall lack of experience in the lineup. Those players, plus Battaglia are all new to the team. How will the veterans have any idea what their teammates are doing if they change every night. How can the young players create a foundation for growing into NHL players when there is no consistancy in their linemates or their responsibilities.
THIS is my most serious issue with Cassidy. He is supposed to be a great coach of young players, yet his young players are being yo-yo'd
all over the game and with the exception of Eminger(who is carrying a team worst -8) all of the young guys are going down in flames. When was the last time you noticed Gordon? Sutherby will be scratched tonight and Semin has played 2 games. Eminger has been thrown in the deep end and while he is keeping his head above water, that's about all he is doing on a consistant basis.
How are those for reasons???

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