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11-16-2011, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
Ok... Shanahan didn't believe he had the authority to under the rules .. Yet he's already on record stating 2 minutes was the correct call... not 5 minute major...not game misconduct.

And now after speaking to the GM's he believes he has a mandate? .. Um ... I guess the NHL Rulebook is kind of like the US Constitution now ... either it's relevant or it's not ...

They keep flip-flopping...and it's frustrating.
Bettman: "Hey Shanny, you're hired! Your job is to decide when a player should be suspended"
Shanny: "Cool, thanks Gary!"

Shanny: "... and so, I believe Milan and believe 2 minutes was the right call."
GMs: "Hey Shanny, you should have suspended him"
Shanny: "Huh? I have the ability to do that?! Woah!"

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