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10-31-2003, 08:20 AM
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Dissapointing loss last night. Although we played a bit more physical, it still didn't cut it in my eyes. Most of the games that we've out-shot opponents in, the scoring opportunities were minimal. That unbelievable goal Modry scored a few games back has been a *****ing curse. He's shooting now everytime from no angle, that makes absolutely no sense. Why in the world AM would ever play Chartrand as a second line center is just baffling. And, who could ever figure out his line combos? The only one i've ever known is his third line, it never ever dismantles. Let's see last night it was supposed to be.

Brown/Robitaille - Army - Ziggy (1st line)
Frolov - Chartrand - Klatt (2nd line)
Avery - Belanger -Lappy (3rd line)
Cammy-Pirnes-Robitaille (4th line)

During the course of the night, these lines were scrambling all over the place. And, again where the ***** is Brennan. Get over Chartrand for five minutes, and let this guy play. All though we picked it up as a team last night in physical play we need a pure d*ck head in our lineup. Allen was crushing Avery with continuous cross checks that for some weird reason the ref wasn't seeing. Now my point is let Allen try doing that to Brennan, see WTF happens.
As far as the Avery comments, I disagree. He obviously bugs every fan out there. But more importantly he bugs the ***** out of every teams top players. If you didn't hate him i'd be disappointed. Everyone seems to be too caught up with his dumb penalties, and although he does take stupid ones from time to time, some of the calls this year against him were complete *****. It's his job to create havoc, and to get under the skin of top players and I love it. Even though Bertuzzi was patting him on the top of his head like he was his son, he still had Bertuzzi off of his game. Believe it or not, that's why every player on Vancouver was taking a run at him. Bertuzzi would have destroyed Avery, but Avery doesn't give a ***** and every team wishes they had one. He did the same to Colorado in Vegas, where three players were ejected because of him. AM needs to let him play his game, but our philosphy most of the time is to play like p*ssies! We lack nastiness in a major way. And the nasty players we have are wearing suits, sitting next to me.

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