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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
It is always a worry, but you have to look at the individuals. They are both known for taking care of themselves, keeping in shape, getting proper rest, etc.

Until his run of extreme bad luck (broken foot, broken wrist/hand - from blocking shots) and recent eye injury, Pronger has been very durable over his career. And he's not that old, only 37, IIRC. He's got a few years left as as top Dman, then he'll be the best #3 in the league after that.
Fans love their team and their fav players and lose their objectivity sometimes.

Pronger has been durable, but of course it is easier to be durable when u are younger than when u are older.

Much of his broken bones has nothing to do with bad luck. The style of game he plays, he is guaranteed to be injured and not last long. Lidstrom is 41 but he plays a different style than Prongs. Dont think just cuz Niklas is performign well at 41 that Prongs will do the same.

No matter how fit he is, he will not last long. Most DMen who play at his level and his style of game are gone by 37 .. he has already cheated the odds and will not do so for much longer.

Write this down and bet me cash if u like. In 2 years time, Prongs will have endured mucho injuries and will either be gone or a shadow of his former self.

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