Thread: Rumor: Filatov to CSKA Moscow?
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11-16-2011, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by EastCoastSensFan View Post
At the end of the day bulter was hurt during camp and the first 10 games of the season, and now the last 3 games or so his play has improved to the point of the 2 goals last night.

Bottom line filatov has done nothing with what he has been given ( as little as it may have been) He could go hard to the net, try and beat someone with his speed try and undress someone but no he does nothing, in the 6 games hes played i dont recall one really strong shift from him.

Im not going to speak out about his character based on rumor alone but if he were to try and black mail the sens into playing him more by use of the khl then i would hope that Murray packs his bags and drives him to the airport himself.
Exactly. Fact of the matter is Filatov isn't an NHL player right now. Does he have an NHL skill set? For sure he does but there is a lot more that goes into being an NHL player let alone a top 6 NHL forward then just skill.

He isn't phyiscally ready and he most certainly is not mentally ready based on the games he's played in both Ottawa and Columbus. He knows he has to play defense, he knows he has to work hard, but he doesn't know how to compete and he dones't know how to use his assests to his advantage. These are things that will he wil have to figure out or he will never be an NHL player.

As far as him going back to Russia, maybe it is the best option and maybe it is in the best interest of everyone if he does but like you said, if he's pulling some kind of stunt to play in the NHL by giving Murray an ultimatum, the organization is better off without him.

Hopefully Filatov knows what he's doing because there won't be another team to take a chance on him after Ottawa.

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