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11-16-2011, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Brunomics View Post
Title says it all. If the Isles hope to turn it around I think these realistic moves could be made and would actually benefit the team rather than continue on it's mediocre path.

Move 1: Bailey for Turris. Let's face it both are disapointing. Bailey isn't working out and Maloney/Turris' dealings are pretty much done. Talk to Maloney and see if a swap can be worked out and hopefully it'll light a bit of a fire under Turris. He's disapointing but at least he can play center in all 3 zones and not be a liability.

Move 2: Acquire Tomas Kaberle from Carolina. This won't happen because like I said Wang is cheap and Snow sucks. But if they are that sick of him let's see if he can be brought in on the cheap to play a 4-5 d-man role and work the power play. I know people here will complain about his salary but let's face it the breakout sucks and there is no transition game which hurts the squad. Don't know what value is but it's doable.

Move 3: Acquire Franson or Komi from Toronto. This will help the d. As much complaining as people do about komi he has some snarl and plays a tough mean game. I believe both these players can be had at not a steep price(Comeau + mid pick?) and will help the D.


Motteau/Eaton either waived or is possible included in deal(maybe Eaton but doubtful for Motteau).

Not saying it's a fantastic D but it'll help a lot because the Isles D-zone coverage is pathetic. Plus if Turris turns it around the Isles have a nice player and if not it's an even trade for Bailey.

Flame away but I think this is the most reasonable we could ask for right now. But like it won't happen because management blows goats(literally, not figuratively).

I highly doubt you get turris for Baily. you would most likely have to give more IMO. not alot more but more. maybe a 3rd. However i do not think this solves any problem.

Thomas k
Is not going to be anything worth while here. he is just not good IMO.

The last moves you suggest i could get on board with. Do we think Blake plus a pick is enough ?

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