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11-16-2011, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Zman5778 View Post
From the Devils GDT:At least it's not Doc............
Halleleujah for that!

Originally Posted by HarryNealesGarden View Post
I honestly think Doc is great. He can be a bit unbearable during Devils games, but the dude knows his stuff.
The trouble is that the "stuff" he chooses to bombard viewers with are esoteric, irrelevant historical trivia that don't enhance or aid the viewer in following the action - in fact, those human interest anecdotes he makes a living on forcing into his PxP calls actually are at the expense of describing the actions. He's the most overrated announcer in the NHL IMO - and his nasal-sounding voice is like fingernails on the blackboard.

Originally Posted by HarryNealesGarden View Post
Strader is awesome though. IMO a top 3-4 pxp guy in the league.
Now you're talking!

Originally Posted by LoveDaSwords View Post
IMO Strader is the best guy they've got, I'm happy. Not a big fan of Olczyk, Reaugh is sooo much better. I might even go with Engblom over Olczyk as well.

At least it isn't Forslund **shudders**.
Agreed on Olczyk and Reaugh assessments - Forslund is good when he's a neutral party rather than carrying a bias from his regular job with Carolina, which tainted the last game he called with the Sabres.

Originally Posted by jamers View Post
Are you sure that wasn't Turco just showing the nervous twitches in his neck that he's rampantly doing on NHL "On the Fly" these days?

Originally Posted by Myllz View Post
Any word on where Roy will be playing tonight? I'm curious to see if Lindy keeps him with Vanek and Pominville or puts him back on the second line.
Per TBN blogs, they practiced together yesterday and this morning.

Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Per Vogl, Weber stays in and Gragnani scratched. Let the celebration begin.
Originally Posted by jamers View Post
OMG. I honestly didn't expect that. But good.
Originally Posted by Myllz View Post

I'm actually surprised Lindy did it. Happy about the decision, but still surprised.
Finally, some sanity!

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
And if the PP struggles or they give up a shortie... the hilarity that will ensue!
It's high time that Ruff put the pressure on Ehrhoff and start making him the focal point of the PP - that was a big reason for signing him and he needs to be put on the 1st unit. Let Roy or Pominville serve as the other point man feeding him passes instead of Gragnani or Myers.

Originally Posted by JPurp26 View Post
Line Ups for this evening (will update with more information)
Are those pairings official or just speculation? Those were what many of us forecast/hoped for in the preseason.

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