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10-31-2003, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by neelynugs
i guess we'll see. one thing i know for sure- the b's will make it, and the habs won't. and while your precious mike ribeiro is golfing, we'll be watching playoff hockey baby!!!
and just remember, 29 out of 30 teams "do nothing" every year. if you don't win the cup, you didn't succeed. pardon me while i steal JOHNNY V's line- VIVA LA VACHON CAKE!!!!!!!!


I could care less about ribiero. By your assumption then, the bruins haven't ever succeeded at much since what...the 70's.? Man that sucks. I feel sorry for beantown..their sports franchises are losers.

BTW, I'm sure you hope the Habs dont make the know your B's cant take us when it really counts. They prove it all the time.

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