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11-16-2011, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
You don't HAVE to yank someone from a game just because the light turns red. However, it's a fantastic tool for the training staff since they would know they need to pay much closer attention to that player.

Also, you can't compare hockey in Bobby Clarke's day to hockey now. Pads are now essentially suits of armor, and players are faster. Just because someone could get away with it then doesn't mean it would work now.

edit: NFL players used to be fine without cages and with soft helmets, would that be remotely safe now?
If everyone on the field was wearing soft helmets and no facemasks, it would probably be safer...but the point isn't about what is safe. These are adults who are not under any obligation to play the game. If they want to play without pads, that is their choice. Players have "body armor" now because it was "safer" for them to wear it. All it has done is make players less accountable for their actions. The players themselves are responsible for their own safety. That is the point. Trying to legislate or force safety measures will always lead to unintended consequences.

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