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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post
It's a good thing, but let's not kid ourselves. We're beating up on teams that for the most part aren't very good. As you allude to, we're going to need to be better if we want to beat teams like Pitt, Philly, Washington & Boston with regularity.
To this post:

Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
a problem that the rangers have had a very tough time overcoming the last decade is playing down to other teams levels, glad to see that they're improving in this area

thats something that seperates average teams from good teams

and besides that, a winning streak is a winning streak...i dont care who we played becuase winning 7 straight games in the NHL is a hell of an accomplishment
Originally Posted by NYRKING30 View Post
exactly. last year especially during the last 2 months with all of those vital playoff points on the lines, we would look great against the bostons and washingtons of the league but with the season winding down we were shutout 3-0 in game 81 vs the thrashers. a week prior got blown out on long island 6-2, while the night before we lost to a playoff bound buffalo sabres (we always have problems playing them). then a couple of games before that we lose in a shootout vs ottawa 2-1. the game prior to ottawa was against the panthers at msg. we won that game 1-0 but nearly lost because vokun was god-like that night. so yeah we usually tend to have a hard time to get up on game day against lesser teams or teams we should beat. this year we are beating the teams we need to beat whcih is exactly what a good team is supposed to do just as you say.

also agreed that winning 7 in a row against any team great or bad is a great accompishment especially when we havent seen that many the past 15 years. besides the one 2 years ago, i think i remember 1 other 7 game win streak we had and that was during the rangers dark years. am i missing any? with that being said, all of this winning just makes me say bring on the bruins,flyers,penguins,sabres,caps. knowing the guys you know they will be up at 7 am ready to go against those teams and the guys know that as well. once thanksgiving starts the schedule will get tough again as well be playing a lot of good teams coming up including our 1st meetings of this season with our rivals, the devs,pens, and flyers. all i know is when staal does come back i dont know how anybody will be able to score on us consistently. i just hope all other fans outside of hf rangers recognize the team we have and truly appreciate it. this is the closest knit rangers team ive seen since 94. i was only 5 at the time but say that year because it was a cup year.
Agreed with everything in the latter two posts. We have constantly had problems beating teams that are beneath us in the standings and in talent. We are winning the games we are supposed to win. That's the key. They are putting themselves in good position in the standings for when they have to match up against the big boys of the East.

Check the Staal injury thread, Kyper said Staal is feeling better.

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