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11-16-2011, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by c4rcy View Post
The jump from Cod4 to MW2 was huge, in terms of game play and innovations, which is why I loved MW2. MW3 is a redone MW2 with a few new levels, guns, killstreaks and perks. It is slightly better, but it enables noobs to get more kills with additions like the Support Killstreak class. A guy can go 18-100 and still get an EMP in the game. So he could potentially ruin someone's Osprey Gunner (17 kills in a row). I don't think it was a $60 game to be honest. It just makes me more frustrated than anything now, since I've been used to dominating every other FPS.

I digress though. Bethseda definitely earned the money, but this was my first Elder Scrolls so it was a gamble for me. When VI comes out, I'll probably be buying it.
People who go into the high kill required support benefits are dumb.

in team tac (which is really all that matters) you get 2 people that play support and 1 of them just goes into JUST uav and counter UAV that way ever 3 kills you get a uav. basically ur team will have a uav and a counter uav on them the whole game.

People who use the support class the way you are talking about are bad.

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