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11-16-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
Unknown too them, my friend was fixing a computer in the adjacent office and he recorded the hearing with his phone!! Here is a transcript:

Lucic: "Hi Shanny, thanks for seeing me about this very important situation. I admire you as a leader, and it's no secret that I have modeled my career after you as well. Is that a new suit? SHARP!"

Shanahan: "Why yes, yes it is? Do you think it makes me look thin!?"

Lucic: "Playing weight thin. Are you still playing? I'm glad you're not in the NHL, I would be terrified to fight you!"

Shanahan: "Have a seat! As a matter of fact, I play a little hockey with the kids from time to time. So tell me, what happened out there?"

Lucic: "Well Mr. Shanahan..."

Shanahan: "Please, call me Brendan."

Lucic: "Really?! WOW! You see Mr. Sha...Brendan. I was trying to catch up to the puck and skating as hard as I could but it was just barely out of my reach. There was a lot of sweat in my eyes, because I was skating so hard that shift, and the last seen I seen was Miller skating straight at me! He skated into me and hurt my arm a little bit."

Shanahan: "You don't have to be coy, I know what you did out there. It's right here on film, what do think I am some kind of an idiot?!" I mean, LOOK at it! Nothing you said is accurate. You're a liar."

Lucic: "...I...but..I.."

Shanahan: *hardy laugh* "It's okay, it's okay, I'm just messing with ya. Zero games, and Team Canada wanted me to give you this lovely fruit basket. I really just called you here for that, and to buy you lunch. DO you like caviar?"

Lucic: "I sure do!".

Shanahan: "I'm glad, after all, Miller and the rest of the players I don't like are paying for it!".

*they both laugh*
I laughed pretty hard

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