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11-16-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
I believe Laraque what he is saying ,to be the truth on Martin.Why?

Because he isn't lying about Carbo in the same article.
We found out ,and Carbo later admitted communicator wasn't his strong suit.

Him helping the team?,debate away.
I believe in the bare facts of what Laraque is saying, more or less. I don't necessarily subscribe to Laraque's interpretation of them.

The point being that Martin being unwilling to play Laraque or Roy might no be due to not liking physical play to instead believing that they couldn't contribute enough on the ice to be worth putting in the lineup.

I'm not saying your wrong. I am saying that I think you're over-interpreting the evidence. Did this really change Laraque's mind or anything or did he already decide that Martin was a certain way and look for supporting evidence? I suspect him of suffering from confirmation bias because he prefers the "its Martin's fault for not playing me" interpretation over the "I could no longer play a regular shift without being a huge liablity so they got rid of me" interpretation. After watching him play and tracking his results I think that the second one has a strong basis in fact.

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