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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
MMA is 3 rounds, not 20 or more like in the early days of boxing, for one thing...and there are more than enough rules and regulations in those leagues, and their rulebook will continue to increase like it already has in the past. Also, there isn't headgear in pro boxing so I don't know what you're talking about there. As athletes perform a sport longer and longer, they begin to realize what the best way to do something is. Boxing became "safer" when people started wearing gloves, because fighting with broken hands sucks. Similar things happen in other sports. Right now, both football players and hockey players are beginning to realize that constantly banging your brain is bad for your career and long-term health. As an athlete becomes better at a sport, his value increases. It only makes sense to take some steps to protect that, and it's not like these steps have ruined or destroyed the game.

As for Chariot racing, it was absolutely brutal and drivers routinely died. Part of the fun was watching people die. Criminals were executed on the spina of the Circus Maximus to entertain the crowd between races. We are very different from Rome in that we don't go to sporting events to watch people perish. NASCAR isn't getting boring because the safety of the drivers is improving, it's boring because watching cars make left hand turns for 3 hours gets old after a few years...if you think more driver deaths and injuries is what NASCAR needs to be exciting, then I don't know what to tell you.

Going back to this little red light, how exactly is it detrimental to the sport in any way?
Yes MMA is 3 rounds, and yes pro boxing don't utilize head gear like Olympic boxing, but if it were ruled by the NHL with its now knee jerk crowd it would require head gear ?

I have zero issues with 20 round bear fist boxing matches, as long as both participants are not forced to do such against their own free will.If folks want to box, its none of my business whatsoever.

If little johnny or Suzy wants to have a red light/green light installed in their helmet, or their parents want them to do it, so be it, but don't get caught up in the thought that you are "really" accomplishing anything by doing wearing little pink ribbons "really" doing anything about cancer ?Or wearing Red ribbons "really" doing anything for Aids ?

And yes i will readily admit that i watch Nascar and other forms of racing to see the accidents, fires, etc.And i am not shocked whatsoever when it happens, but i am shocked it don't happen much more often.Many folks will not readily admit what i have, but deep down inside most watch motorsports because of the potential for disaster that exist.Is not the " daring " of a driver what sells and makes it very interesting and appealing ? Earnhardt is a Legend because he went out like a gladiator, and he would not wear a full face helmet etc because he did not like the way it felt, and he could not feel the pressure changes in the car while drafting .It was his choice, and that is how it should be...

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