Thread: Proposal: Pronger to Blues
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11-16-2011, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
You need to go back and re-check your box scores from last year. We killed the conference the 1st half of the year with Pronger in the lineup (remember we battling the Canucks for best record overall???) and the 2nd half of the year we were barely a 0.500 team without Pronger.

This team goes only as far as Chris Pronger can carry them. End of story, nothing eles matters. Yes, he IS that important to our team and our record last year with and without him should show everyone that he is by far the most valuable player to his own teams success and therefor HE should have won the Hart trophy.
No she's right. Very similar to the Penguins' excellent record without Crosby and Good record with him, the Flyers' record with Pronger SINCE HE'S BEEN HERE (not just last season) is slightly above .500. I guess it could be complacency, the idea that with Pronger back there, some of the other guys don't give it 100%, but when he's hurt...everyone knows they need to step up. Like the Leighton Syndrome (Leighton in = world class defensive play. Leighton out = meh)

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