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11-16-2011, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by BLBarmada View Post
The players I'm talking about have egos, they can take it. That bring said I should of shut my mouth.

Ya I know, its my fault were losing but doesn't really help me now.

I understand that some of you can't read, but I'll say this again. I didn't plan on quitting, **** happens.

I'm not even going into the accountability part.
Being able to take critism isn't about having an ego. it's about being accountable and having an understanding of shortcomings and ways to improve. Having an ego leads to what you did, quit.

Just because you didn't plan to quit doesn't make it any better. it actually makes it worse because when faced with a little adversity, you went the other way.

Trying to justify it by saying you didn't plan to only adds to the lack of accountability.

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