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11-16-2011, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post

This is the equivalent of an NHL G.M. LYING about the physical condition of a player involved in a deal and the NHL doing what it thought was alright in putting this to a close.

Your G.M. was proven to have been lying about Frasers condition and THAT is the reason that the NHL decided to award us with any compensation.

No lie, no reason for *ANY* compensation.

I like you Bryanbryoil but in my opinion your guys lied and paid for it. The reason that the amount is low doesn't change the fact that we were compensated for your GM being a liar. Other wise there would be no reason for the compensation.

By the way kudos to your teams success this season. You are doing pretty much what I thought you would at this point. Keep it up.
To be fair, as the compensation was settled outside of arbitration and not mandated by Bettman or the NHL, as per the tweet, it's more of the "sorry this went down" type of resolution.

Both parties, the Kings and Oilers are looking past it, if either were completely convinced of their innocence then they would've let it go to arbitration.

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