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11-16-2011, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by I3ig13ig View Post
He wasnt lying! Everyone knows that. All the doctors reports from Edmonton said he had healed and was good to go and thats what Tambo went off of. He isnt a medical proffesional in anyway so why would he question a doctor.

Its unfortunate that it got blown up in the press but I too am glad this soap opera is over.

You'd also be silly to suggest the Kings have one any of the last two trades with the Oilers.

Edmonton gives:

Fwd Collin Fraser
Fwd Dustin Penner
7th Round Pick

Los Angeles gives:

D Colton Teubert
D Oscar Klefbom
D David Musil
LW Ryan Smyth

Kings pretty much filled our defensive prospect pool for us so thanks for that
Oilers fans are obsessed with thinking they won the Smyth trade; for the one billionth time, it was not a normal trade! Both teams were not out in the trade market looking to improve their team. The Kings had a very unique situation where they had a player request a trade to a specific location. It's not like the Oilers were out looking to trade for Smyth. Both teams were matched up out of necessity, and yet the Oilers didn't have to make the trade. They were also doing a favor to Smyth.

Sitting there with the ZOMG TAMBS PWNED LOMBARDZ IN DA SMYTH TRADE!!!!1!!1!! is pretty naive when looking at the whole picture.

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