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11-16-2011, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
If I can be honest for a moment?

You guys don't have to convince us of anything with regards to this situation. The silence says it all. We don't care! We are more worried and focused on what our team is going to do than with anything related to Smyth. With him it isn't going to be a situation where we regret trading him, he was horrible. There's no need to get the digs in. If he's great in Edmonton, fine, but he sucked in his last season here. Therefore we don't really care about this anymore. It was a nice conversation filler during the offseason but that's it.

The trade worked well for the Kings, they got rid of a poor performer who was making a lot of money. That's all that has to be said.
To be honest for a moment?

Why did DL take it to the league if it was just summer banter?

It was a simple case of a GM that got cleaned up in some trades and then pissed and moaned about it for two + months in the media. If he was that sure he had a case he wouldn't have folded over a couple G's. And please don't tell me he's playing the I'm the bigger man card 'cause he was the only one complaining about the trade in the first place.

Glad it's done and so am I.

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