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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
This is the equivalent of someone going to McDonalds and complaining at epic levels, holding up the drive thru line because they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30am when it's 10:31am and they end up with a soggy hashbrown made at 10:14am that was just about to get tossed in the trash as a consolation and then they celebrate as if they just won the lottery as they take a bite of the worst hashbrown they've eaten in their lives.
Call it what you want (even though your analogy is wrong), point is Tambellini got caught trying to pull a fast one and had to fork over some $ for it. If you were accused of stealing when you didn't, would you agree to pay half the amount or whould you fight the charge? I'd fight it if I didn't do it, why should I be viewed as guilty for something I never did?

Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
Don't hate on us because you were given food out of the trash. It was your fault for holding up the drive-thru line.

Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
In the end it was bad publicity for both sides and the settlement is the equivalent of a drop in the bucket. This should've never gone public in the first place IMO.
Agreed it shouldn't have went public but you can leave that with your own GM. If Tambs had traded fair in the first place, there'd be nothing to argue about. His refusal to do anything to correct the issue left DL little choice but to fill with the league and comment on it when questioned by the media.

Originally Posted by czar99 View Post
You weren't rewarded anything. This was a case of the Oilers feeling bad for taking you to the cleaners twice and throwing your GM a bone so he could feel like a champ to your fans. It never went to the league.
Yeah, that's it. "We screwed you in some trades, so here's some $ to help soften the blow." If not, then maybe you should ask how many times Tambs has had pity money tossed his way. Dude should be a multi-million by now with his great legacy of moves.

Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
This was settled by the GM's, without the league arbirator, so its not like the league even gave any official ruling. So no, its not on the Oilers, it was a mutual, "let's just forget it". And neither GM looked good in this ordeal. You guys can scream "liar" all you want, but it still doesn't change the fact that Lombardi didn't request a physical and should have. Due dilligence.
If DL didn't do the due dilegence, then why is Tambs giving any money? If it's DL's fault, why would Tambs pay anything/ And if he just wanted to make it go away, why wait several months and then pay it just hours before the meeting with Bettman?

Tambs tried to pull a fast one and got caught by a more experienced GM. It's not enough DL tried to do a solid for Smyth, but Tambs also has to get greedy and stick the Oilers with some medical bills. Glad DL had the balls to stick to this and at leat force the Oilers to pay for something.

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