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11-17-2011, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
I suppose my beef is with the whole " trend " of folks thinking they are doing something to fix a problem, that is really not a " big " problem.Kids get hurt and killed in Little league games, pee wee football games, street hockey games, etc.Sometimes bad things happen, like recently with the young lad getting killed by a puck to the throat..It was and is a very sad and unfortunate thing, but it was certainly a freak incident, and things just happen from time to time. I just really hate the pureness of such a great game being legislated into kids wearing lights in their helmets to help coaches monitor the severity of a hit ?......I guess i am just getting old and thinking back to when i was a lad and playing hockey from morning to night out on the ponds and lakes freezing our a$$es off etc, with zero concerns or even giving any thought to getting a concussion or getting hurt. We had kids drown from time to time by falling through the ice etc.....But that was just part of it, and folks just moved on....No Lawyers or the dreaded " activist " got involved like they do in these liberal times we live in today.
Alright so concussions arent a big problem. As someone who works in the medical field, I 100% disagree but I wont go to much into it.

But I have a serious question. What is wrong with trying to improve safety if it doesnt effect the game? Like the little light isnt a game changing object.

Also I think the parents of the kids who drowned would 100% disagree with you also. They not going to just blow it off because its hockey In the end, hockey is just a sport. If you consider hockey over life, Im sorry but there is something wrong there (not saying you do but thats what your post sounds like)

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