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11-17-2011, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by czar99 View Post
To be honest for a moment?

Why did DL take it to the league if it was just summer banter?

It was a simple case of a GM that got cleaned up in some trades and then pissed and moaned about it for two + months in the media. If he was that sure he had a case he wouldn't have folded over a couple G's. And please don't tell me he's playing the I'm the bigger man card 'cause he was the only one complaining about the trade in the first place.

Glad it's done and so am I.
Good to know you count as 2 people somehow. But anywho this ISNT about you supposedly winning 2 trades. Id sure as heck rather have Gagne for cheaper than a wanting to go to Edmonton Smyth. And you got Teubert......if youre happy about that thats funny. This is about a playing not being in the condition as told, not about trades. You may think like GMing is for 2 year olds but its not.

And why would Tambo want to give up anything if he did nothing wrong? Its not some make it up and end it when you wouldnt have had to give anything up

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