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11-17-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
This is the point I was making a week or so ago. About the NHL needing to STOP catering to the non-fan and uninterested.

Its a regional, niche sport, and it always will be.

Cater to the REAL hockey fan. Worry about what WE want and what is best for the game.

More goals isn't going to magically create more fans.

Hockey fans are the most loyal, rabid fans in this country. We used to have to scrounge for information before the internet became popular.

Unlike baseball and football that has everything spoon fed to them.

And im fine with that. Hockey is simply to complex and fast to understand for the lame.

Bettman needs to get this "growth" nonsense out of his head, and focus on WHERE the game IS popular.

And **** everyone else.

I don't need my sport to be popular. I love it anyway.

Agreed. I couldn't care less what other non-fans think of the sport. I mean hell, you honestly can't tell me that any of the other 3 big sports in North America are anywhere as entertaining as a hockey game is live.

Concentrate on the true hockey fans, and please stop with the pipe dream of expansion. I mean how well did hockey turn out in Atlanta, Phoenix, or Florida?

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