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11-17-2011, 07:56 AM
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At some point this year, if Ovi still has not scored even a single goal at home, I would like Bruce to unleash him of any responsibilities Bruce has overloaded onto him, if any. Get back to unrestrained Ovi, uber offense Ovi, doing what comes natural to Ovi, yes even unkempt Ovi, and see where it goes. Tell everyone else on the team to cover for him, and tell our f'in fragile movers to look for him c'picking. Damnit.

Even if he does finally score a goal at home, I think the harnessed responsible kempt Ovi hasnt been helping our team from a ROI or any perspective. We didnt pay him 9 million to back check. Later in his career when he can't outscore and outhit most everyone, yeah he will need to expand on his game. But now, its painful to see his offensive numbers, hits, enthusiasm, energy, even entertainment vaule, drop, while not clearly helping the team.

Ovi not playing defense in the playoffs never hurt this team. We have bigger problems than him trying to score goals and crush defensemen.

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