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11-17-2011, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Let's put things back in perspective? I'll do it for you Kriss, since like some mentioned, it's more a "pass me the kool-aid" thread anyways.

No matter the record in the last 10 games (7-2-1 I believe?) the team is still managed like crap.
-We still have our only checking winger on the 1st line, And he's our leading goal scorer
-Plekanec still plays on the pointAgreed
- the pp as a whole still needs some major work. Could somebody please show Diaz how to do a one-timer pass? It's really not that complicating, coaches just need to do their job!Maybe
-Eller is back on the wings despite proving he's 10x better at center positionAgreed
-no grit or protectors in the bottom 2 linesAgreed
-no grit or protectors on D when Emelin is in the stands Yes!
-we still have a 7'3 mil player with 2 assists.Although I agree with you. What can they do about it. They really have no c-man on the depth charts if one of the regular c men goes down we're toast.

Despite everything I just wrote," we still have a good team", but with small tweaks to the line-up, we can still be THAT much better imo.
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