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11-17-2011, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by tonyin318 View Post
Hey BroFist,
I never used priceline, but I shrugged my shoulders and gave it a shot. Bid $60 on 3 star and got Millenium Maxwell House Nashville. Total ended up at $79 for one night. (Tonight).

I hope that place is ok for me and my 15 yr old daughter. Anybody have any insight?

Would've loved walking distance, but I'm hoping to make several trips there this year and may as well start now try to figure out the best way to reasonably cut costs.

We'll be at the game saturday too, but we're thinking about heading to Memphis Friday and Friday night. Playing that one by ear.
it's not downtown. i've heard their shuttle service is iffy, so i wouldn't use it.

it is fine for one night, but it's not a place to let a 15 year old girl wander anywhere by herself. I wouldn't wander anywhere outside the hotel, except straight to the car.

it will be fine, but just that. unless it has changed.

you'll be fine. just be aware.

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