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11-17-2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
I was thinking the exact same thing. Doesn't serve their agenda I guess. I'm starting to really question some of the so called fans in this forum. God forbid we are happy with the team. I bring up points that I believe make Martin a good coach for example and I'm called a "Martin cheerleader" or an "apologist". I bring up things like Gill is 12th in the NHL in blocked shots and one of the better PK specialists out there and it means I hate Emelin or another rookie.

It's really, really annoying.
I think re-signing Gill over Hammer was a huge mistake because we had a reliable vet capable of stepping up in case of injuries.
Gill, is only a specialist.
At ES, he is mostly useless. I personally would have made Emelin play over Diaz since the start of the year. Keep Diaz in AHL.

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