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11-17-2011, 10:04 AM
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I don't know where people are getting that Hiller was standing on his head, he was solid but the Kings didn't generate enough scoring chances to beat a #1 NHL goalie. The Kings had a lot of possession time, but few scoring chances. Watching the game gave me an impression that the Kings weren’t really creating much offense, just a lot of shots. So I looked at the shot chart on for the game.

The Kings only had 9 shots out of 27 in the scoring zone (between the dots and tops of the circle) while at even strength (33%). You usually want to be close to 60% to generate enough scoring chances to get to 3+ goals. On the PP, the Kings had 5 of 8 shots (63%) in the scoring zone and scored their only goal. 1 of 2 SH shots were in the scoring zone (50%). Overall, the Kings had 15 of 37 shots in the scoring zone (41%); to get to 60% the Kings should have taken 22 shots in the scoring zone to generate enough offense to score 3+ goals.

The Kings are still a perimeter and point shot offense. This is the same offense that was 5-1-1 to start the season. Luck will only get you so far in the NHL. 14 of 18 games (78%) are now below 3 goals in regulation for the Kings. As bad as the Ducks offense has been, they are at 12 of 18 (67%) under 3 goals.

Looking at the Ducks even strength shots, we see that 9 out of 17 (53%) were in the scoring zone. Overall, the Ducks had 13 out of 24 shots in the scoring zone. Were the Kings really “dominating” the game or were they just skating around the perimeter with the puck and forcing point shots?

The Kings had 37 total shots and 15 in the scoring zone (41%). The Ducks had 13 of 24 (54%). Kings had 15 shots blocked and the Ducks had 5 shots blocked. It took the Kings 13 more shots to generate 2 more shots than the Ducks in the scoring zone. Quick was just as good as Hiller last night.

Scoring 1 5-on-3 goal is not a way to win with any consistency. At least it was the first time since October that the Kings won 2 in a row.

Until the Kings start taking shots from the scoring zone at a much higher rate, the Kings will continue to average less than 3 goals per game. Doesn’t matter who Dean acquires.

Richards is the only one consistently trying to get pucks to the middle to create chances and Mike had 5 of the Kings 8 PP shots.

I’m sure I will get the normal hate because the Kings “won” the game, but the Kings have the same gimped offense they have always had for the last 3+ years. Until that changes, the Kings will remain a bubble playoff team and enjoy a quick exit from the playoffs.

Go Luck Go!

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