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10-31-2003, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Jani8
"its pretty simple. there are three lists of reasons."

You call them reasons, I call them excuses. Do you think that Caps are the only team playing back-to-back games? And that thing about playing against playoff-teams...come on.
You must be thrilled to see that Zubie is on his way to 80pt/season. No, wait, 50pt/season I meant. Looks more and more like Bertuzzi.
I guess when you are predisposed to want to take a shot at somebody its hard to read and comprehend. I think its generally accepted its more difficult to win on the road than at home and its more difficult to beat a good team than a bad team. Its also generally accepted that back to back games on the road are tough. Back to back games on the road at Dallas and St. Louis is about as tough as it gets.
If you actually believe that 6 out of 9 on the road is no more difficult than 6 out of 9 at home or games against Toronto, Montreal, Dallas, St. Louis, Ottawa, and Toronto are as difficult as games against Carolina, San Jose, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Rangers, & Carolina, then you have a different point of view than most people. But thats why you play everybody and play as many home games as road games thru an entire season. Things even out. The Caps historically have slow starts because historically the Caps home arena is not available in Oct/Nov and they play a lot of road games. They are historically very strong in Dec,Jan and february because they almost always play 2 out of every 3 games at home during those months. its not rocket science.
OH...and Zubrus he started slow but has 4 pts in his last 5 games and is one shot short of leading the team in shots on goal. He has played on the most consistantly good line all season. So far so good on that account. Bertuzzi has played 10 games, 1g 5a 6pts 21 shots on goal.
Zubrus has 9 games, 2g 2a 4pts 28shots. I don't see a big difference there just yet. do you?

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