Thread: Speculation: Value & price of Nik Antropov
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11-17-2011, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by almostawake View Post
I've read a lot of this over the last few days, so my comments are not directed solely at you, but...

Very few top notch players have ever realized their potential after starting their career in a chronic losing situation. In fact, there are several cases in which just that can probably be pointed to as the primary reason the player flopped.

Talent is important but what it takes to be an effective NHLer goes so far beyond that. Having good people, leader and teachers, in the dressing room is critical to our young players figuring out what it takes and this franchise (eventually) becoming a winner.

Our roster has no shortage of young talent. The key now is to get those players to realize their potential. If we don't develop Kane, Bogosian, Burmistrov, Little, etc. there is no number of fringe prospects and late picks (that we could get for our veterans) that will make this team a winner.

If a veteran is playing poorly, or is lazy on the ice, or is bad in the room, dump him ASAP. But until the deadline, if a guy is setting a proper example for the youngsters he is far more critical to this team than any thing another team would reasonably offer.
So we need these veterans but only until the trade dealine they it's ok to let them go ? We either need them or we don't.

I not saying gut the team of vets I'm saying if we get a future need for a guy that won't be around when the winning starts do it !

This team needs scoring punch in the future where are we get that from ? Not #80. If anyone was willing to give up a true blue chip prospect that has scoring potential especially up the middle, we'd be nuts not to do it because we are going nowhere fast. We can always pick up journeymen.

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