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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
It's hard to do comparisons since our opponent doesn't have linked profiles, but I'll do what I can.
I've never ever linked the detailed bio info I post when I pick, but I guess I need to learn some time. I promise to do so next round.

Originally Posted by jkrx
I think Davos checking line might be one of the best in the AAA.
Indeed. In this series, the Davos 3rd line is the better checking line and the 1st line is the better offensive line.

Semenov-Svetlov were real life linemate stars on the great Soviet second unit of the 1980s and on Moscow Dynamo's top line for most of a decade. Semenov was the 1st team all-star center in the Soviet league in 1985, most importantly in this series he proved himself an offensive producer at the highest level of competition of his era, in the NHL-participating international tourneys of the eighties. he scored 3 goals and an assist in the six-game 1984 Canada Cup, had an even better 1987 Canada Cup with 7 points and followed that up the next winter with 6 points in the '88 Calgary Olympics. He also scored in three touring Super Series: his Moscow club vs. NHL teams between 1980-1990 as well as rendezvous '87 against the NHL's best. He simply was a top-tier talent, and then afterwards the 11-year Dynamo veteran went to the NHL and scored 10 points in 12 games in the 1991 Stanley Cup playoffs for an Oilers team that ran into a hot North Stars in the conference finals.

Semenov's linemate for most of the eighties, both in Moscow and internationally, was Svetlov, an even greater producer on the top stage. Svetlov was 2nd in Soviet goal scoring at the 1984 Canada Cup with 4 goals, 7 points (including a goal against Canada in the semifinals that forced overtime). Svetlov's international resume also includes: 6 points in World Championships 1985; 4 points in World Championships 1986 GOLD; 5 goals, 6 points in World Championships 1987; 3 goals, 5 points in 5 games in Canada Cup 87; 5 points and a healthy +6 in 8 games in the gold-medal winning 1988 Olympics. He and Larionov each scored against Canada in the '87 Isvestia Cup as well. All this on Semenov's wing against the NHL's and Czechoslovakia's best in highly intense series. The fact that Svetlov was twice top-5 in Soviet league scoring is almost beside the point, as this duo clearly is the cream of the crop in this series in terms of proven ability to play against the very best of their era when it mattered most.

Added to Semenov-Svetlov is Ron Murphy, the longtime NHL veteran known for his "strong, positional" hockey who, in his 17th NHL season, had a role on the highest scoring line in NHL history (to date), knowing how to be the third wheel on the Esposito-Hodge star first line in Boston. Murphy reprises such a role here in Davos with Semenov-Svetlov! The durable left winger had been four times top-6 in scoring for NHL clubs between 1955 and 1961, representing the Blackhawks in the NHL all-star game when second only to Hull in team goals in the very same 1961 season they would end up going all the way and winning the cup in. There is no doubt that Murphy can handle the level of competition and his role on a line with a star duo. The Davos first line is tried, tested and true.

The opposition in this series ices a Swedish duo from an earlier era who never played against the NHL's best. A clear advantage to Davos in first line match-ups.

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