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Let me add some more biographical info about Svetlov from the respected book The Red Machine:

Originally Posted by page 103, TRM
Sergei Svetlov, the best pure skater in the Soviet Union and perhaps the world.
Originally Posted by pg.220-221
A tall forward with legs that seemingly extended to his shoulders, Svetlov was the best pure skater in Soviet hockey, and very likely the world. In team drills at the nationals' practices, he left every player behind. What was remarkable was that he achieved full flight so quickly - in two or three strides. Svetlov didn't move with the grace of Paul Coffey, the NHL's best skater, but faster and with more power. He came in gusts and was frequently on diagonals because, if he went straight up and down, he would forever be facing offside calls.
Concerning the 1987 Canada Cup in which Svetlov scored 7 points:
Originally Posted by pg.234
The series was dominated by four players - Gretzky, Lemieux, Makarov and Krutov. There could have been a fifth, but Sergei Svetlov, who had been playing brilliantly, suffered the broken wrist against Sweden.
The reason why Svetlov's career wasn't greater than the peaks it was, in both the Soviet league and international stage he showed himself as among the best, was injuries. He is described on page 220 of The Red Machine as a "concussion-prone gazelle":

Originally Posted by page 220
what plagued him and brought to an early close a potentially outstanding career was a series of head injuries. Seemingly every year, he was out at some point with a concussion. Then, in the Canada Cup in 1987, when he was outshining everyone on the Soviet side, Svetlov went down with a broken wrist - a development which may very well have saved the series for Canada.
(Fortunately, should he be injured after racking up impressive points and wins for over half the series - as is typical of him - Davos has a capable fill-in in world champion speed skating, multiple Stanley Cup goal scoring hero in rover Jack Brannen. Murphy-Semenov-Svetlov/Brannen)

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