Thread: PGT: Habs lose 3-2 in SO
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11-17-2011, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
First off, I didn't insult you (everybody has delusions in their mind, you thing you're any different???), although like a little child you keep mispelling Ozy on purpose for awhile now to make it sound like "oy" thinking I don't catch on to it, so get off your high horse, and unlike you I can admit to a mistake, which it was.

Secondly, the production of Moen (although has a lot to do with a contract year) should tell you that the upgrade is not squarely about the physicality of Pac and Cole, but rather has to do with a wholesale addition to the top 9 of Cole, Pac and DD, giving us much more offensive depth, creating a vaccum for opposing teams when its time to matchup their strong defensive pairings.

I don't think the increased scoring rest solely on their physicality, but I do believe the larger bodies create space for the other guys though.

I didn't mispell ozy with any sort intended purpose. I just type it fast and it comes out that way without thinking, there was certainly no harm intended. I'm not on a high horse, I used the same tactic you use in responding to you that you use on me from time to time. If you prefer not to be talked to that way, it's a two way street.

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