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11-17-2011, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by crazycanuck View Post
Agreed, but I would think even with their injuries, Galchenyuk and Reilly will go late teens early twenties, so if this season goes as we all hope the Canucks will have to trade up to get them (although I wouldn't be too upset if they did).
They just need to keep their draft picks in order to trade up. Can't really trade up without a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

Important draft for Gillis.

Hodgson, Sauve from 2008. Don't expect Rai to make the NHL
Schroeder, Rodin, KConn, Price, Anderson, Cannata from 2009. Schroeder in his 2nd AHL season. Rodin, 1st AHL season, KConn 2nd AHL season, Price 3rd year in NCAA (probably want to see if they can sign him in the summer if he's in their future plans, otherwise, let him develop another year in college), Anderson is signed and we'll see if the Nucks can bring him over next season, Cannata finishing up his senior year in the NCAA, see if he is signed to a pro deal in the summer.
McNally, Polasek, Friesen, Ilihati, Hannay from 2010. McNally just started his freshman year in Harvard, so he's likely 2 more years from signing a pro contract, Polasek 1st year in the AHL, Friesen final year in the Q, Ilihati might want to sign him and have him play in the AHL next season if he is developing in Finland. Hannay, not much expectations for him in the NHL.
Jensen, Honzig, etc. from 2011. Jensen is the only one with a shot at the NHL next season.

Help for the Canucks next season lies in Sauve, Schroeder, and Jensen. KConn, have to see how the season plays out to see if he would warrant a 7th Dman spot next season. Of course, there is the free agent signings of Lack, Sweatt, and Tanev to ease things.

Nucks really do need a youngster on D or Forward to crack the top 4 and 6 group. D especially given Salo's age, and Ballard not fitting in.

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