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10-31-2003, 11:31 AM
Démon Blond
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Originally Posted by patp77
-Sundstrom or Dackell: Personally, I think they bring too much of the same thing to our team and it's not scoring so one of them is probably expandable. Sundstrom has better value (I think) and Dackell is still young so I'd try to trade Sundstrom if possible.
A little nitpick here, as Dackell is almost 31 and not really considered "young":

Andreas Dackell DOB: Dec 29, 1972

Niklas Sundstrom DOB: Jun 6, 1975

Dackell is older, but right now his play is better than Sundstrom's... between the two, I'd be hard pressed to choose which one to keep

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