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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
I don't have time to do that stupid **** because its ****ing irrelevant.

He played much more games with Moen than Darche btw.

He started the season with Pacioretty and Gionta for the first 3 games and then JM decided that it was a waste of talent putting MaxPac with Gomer and sent MP down with DD, replacing him with Moen.
Well you got no time ?I say prove me wrong, the onus is on you .

Habs vs Flyers final game in 2010 playoffs.Habs down 3-2 in series and 3-2 in game in 3rd period.

Gomez shift times and Darche's in 3rd period
Do they match? .

Go back on every game in the last few years ,and add it up.
Gomez has played a alot of mins with big D over the past few years.

As i said earlier , i ain't bashing Darche,he's a ok 4th liner.
I ain't trying to protect Gomez, it's just how it's been over the years.

I blame the man putting lines together.

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