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11-17-2011, 11:37 PM
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The Avs didn't really sport a ton of talent up front, but post-lockout were usually one of the highest scoring teams in the league. They did this because they had a defense that would join the rush almost all the time and contribute. Unfortunately having a mobile D like that also left them with a D that couldn't hold its own in the defensive zone.

While Sherman has tried to shore up that particular weakness, he's also taken away the one thing our defense was doing WELL. Again, the Liles trade makes absolutely no sense looking at how inept this team is offensively.

I don't mind that Sherm brought in some bigger bodies, but now we have a slower, less offensively capable defense and an offense that might actually have even more holes in it than before. And now it's glaring because the defensemen can't compensate.

And frankly, they're not that much better defensively after all Sherman's moves...

This isn't all on the coach. This is a BAD team, on paper and on the ice. Are they quite as bad as their current play suggests? No. But they're not anywhere close to playoff-caliber. And frankly I expect a team to be vying for the playoffs if they're bold enough to give away their first round pick.

This is why I want Sherman gone. He's taken away what made the Avs successful during these rebuilding years and not done an adequate job addressing their many weaknesses.

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