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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Its not because you give me a bunch of links means that you're right.

I've checked about 5 and no, Gomez doesn't play with Darche all that much, actually in the 5 I've checked, they are never on the ice the same time. I know they played together for some games late last season but its FAR from enough to use that argument to defend Gomez lacks of productivity.

Instead of checking if they are on the ice the same time with your links, I rather check these:

Scott Gomez game log in 10-11:

Mathieu Darche game log in 10-11

The TOI doesn't match at all. Gomez averages around 18-19min a game while Darche is around 11-12min.

Like its been said several of time, Gomez plays on the PP and around 14 min at even strength EVERY GAMES, he has all the chances in the world to produce and he DID NOT. Its not because of Darche or Moen. DD has done much better than Gomez in the same situation.
I give you one you complain not enough, I give you 87 and you check only 5 and draw a conclusion?No that don't work .


Go to the 7playoffs ones and start counting up from there.
Check game 7 vs Bruins for example, notice what i'm saying to you .

If you took the time to add them up all up ,you see i'm right.

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