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10-31-2003, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by IGM
I think that I saw the worst game that AM has coached since he became our top dog and if you read between the lines of what he said after the game on fox (I tape the games) he sure was quick to lay blame. In fact, he has done ALLOT more of that this year then he has during his tenure as our coach. I have this feeling that HE will be the first to suffer if we don't start playing well soon. (within the next 11 games or so)
i dont get this comment. we were 4 out of our top 5 players out, you know this, and yet we're still a competitive team. Heck, at one point in time we were sitting atop the top of the conference, did you really think we could hold that spot when we're fighting off teams with the likes of colorado, detroit, dallas, vancouver, etc etc etc??

we were overachieving, that's fact. and the reason we were doing so was BECAUSE of andy murray. i'ts not like we were able to do it based on our skill alone and this was the norm. it woulda been nothing short of a miracle had we kept it all the way til the return of all our top players. i duno about you, bu tw/o our top 4 players, i expected us to get ties and losses at best.

plus, not many people said that we "didn't play well" last game, jsut that we couldn't get the damn puck in. so to say that the coaching staff isn't doing their job motivating their players when we outshot these guys 2:1 or that andy murray is going to be the fall guy if we continue to play tlike this is just ridiculous

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