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11-18-2011, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
yea you're right.....because when they signed him to his deal they knew right then and there that they were going to trade him because there were issues.....And because in the business of the NHL, players get traded all the time....and that because you sign a deal somewhere you have the 'right' to not be traded....

1. You don't want to be traded, don't go out boozing and causing a distraction
2. You don't want to be traded, try hitting the net
3. You don't want to be traded, try bringing something to the rink that makes it hard to trade you away
4. You don't want to be traded, don't play in the NHL.

This is a business. Everyone is in it to win it. Trades happen.

I lost no respect for the Flyers when they made that move, it took balls to do it. They felt it was better for the club to go in a different direction. Obviously something occured to bring that to light. If you think the club signed him to an 11 year deal with the immediate intention of shipping him out, you're ignorant.

Things happen, bounces don't always go your way. Thats hockey.

Edited to say that I also feel bad for him, but I don't blame the organization, how can you when you hear about all the stories, which are widely believed to be accurate?
Bolded, get yourself a mirror.

1. Voracek is a "known" partier, they traded for him in the same deal? While that's the great rumor surrounding the trade, they still screwed him over.

2. For a guy that can't hit the net, he sure scored a lot of goals. He averaged 36 goals a season for us his last 4 seasons here. One of which he had 46 goals I might add. High goalscorers shoot a lot, deal with it and try to come up with an actual argument instead of just ignorant bashing.

3. How about a big center with good two-way play and arguably one of the better goalscorers in the league the last few years?

4. If you don't want to be killed in a car accident, don't drive...Makes about as much sense, especially considering he was clearly given the impression he was here for his career.

They told Carter he was going to be a centerpiece in this organization, he signed a cheaper caphit for a long period of time due to this, if he expected them to turn around and trade him he wouldn't have done so. It's a business alright, and Holmgren certainly didn't do himself any favors with future signings. That's why he was screwed over.

I haven't read a post that seemed so simplistic and dense in nature as this in a very long time.

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