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11-18-2011, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by BowieSabresFan View Post
But then again, you're assuming what his actions may mean. He could just be frustrated that the goal was scored. I've seen him do that when the only one at fault was him. He's been doing this for how long? Why is it only such an issue now? Why wasn't it an issue before?
Yes that is my assumption because to my recollection I don't ever recall Miller throwing up his arms when he was at fault and let in a softee. But I'm not trying to bash on him as I think that we cannot win the Cup without him. I'm more in support of what the article is stating. Some players may take it one way and some the others. Everyone has their own perceptions and personalities.

Either way, if someone else deflected it, screened him, or he let in a bad goal deal with it. Don't show emotion. Just get up, take a drink, go for a skate. Whatever. But emotions has always been Miller's Achilles heel, so much so he went to a sports psychologist early in his career and may still be going to one.

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