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11-18-2011, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
i be inclined to believe that they filed an appeal on the 16th with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals - a different court than the original court [U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington]

but i also would think that's not a guarantee that they can extend past the 25th
Again this is where I think you are confused. The appeal that took place in the DC Circuit was FCC vs. Cablevision (a different case dealing with a different, though related issue). That case was sent back to the FCC and I don't know and can't find out what is happening with that. The case involving MSG HD going to Verizon is Verizon vs. MSG. From what I can gather from these articles is that the FCC ruled against them, they appealed, and they ruled against them again. Now they are appealing to the Second Circuit, which if they are, they won't be uplinking any channels on the 25th (unless their appeal is kicked out before that, which would be very quick but I suppose not impossible). Another possibility is that they already appealed last week/earlier this week like the other article says, in which case if they already lost they can't be appealing it right now (unless the case was thrown out for lack of jurisdiction or improper venue or something like that, in which case they would be forced to appeal to another court. However, that would be a very quick turnaround.

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