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11-18-2011, 08:55 AM
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Off ice to on ice shooting

Hey everyone,

So about one year ago I started skating in general, about 4 months after skating I decided to start playing hockey, or attempt to rather . I am currently in an adult league, my skating has improved ten fold from when I began. I have also been on these boards browsing for tips on shooting, which I have been working on diligently, primarily my wrist shot.

For the most part I practice my shot off ice on a piece of white board that I had from work. My wrist shot off ice is awesome. I do use a shorter stick (about 3 inches shorter than the stick I actually use in games, on the ice).

Now when I go to take this shot in game, the puck more or less does nothing that I have taught it to on ice (). What I mean by that is, my shot on ice barely gets off the ice, maybe 2-3 inches max then begins to fall really quickly, leaving me to believe that the power being generated is far less than that off ice. Which I realize off ice I have more 'stability' and am not worried about falling because I am not balancing on two blades but my entire foot.

My question is, has anyone experienced this issue, and also are there any tips for successfully transferring my off ice game to on ice?

I understand all of this is not an easy skill obtained over night. It is just somewhat frustrating to see an awesome, hard, wrist shot off ice then get on ice and the puck skips and wobbles through the air. I am trying to get more and more ice time, but that is proving to be a task between work and the times available to me at the local rink.

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