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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
Bolded, get yourself a mirror.

1. Voracek is a "known" partier, they traded for him in the same deal? While that's the great rumor surrounding the trade, they still screwed him over.

2. For a guy that can't hit the net, he sure scored a lot of goals. He averaged 36 goals a season for us his last 4 seasons here. One of which he had 46 goals I might add. High goalscorers shoot a lot, deal with it and try to come up with an actual argument instead of just ignorant bashing.

3. How about a big center with good two-way play and arguably one of the better goalscorers in the league the last few years?

4. If you don't want to be killed in a car accident, don't drive...Makes about as much sense, especially considering he was clearly given the impression he was here for his career.

They told Carter he was going to be a centerpiece in this organization, he signed a cheaper caphit for a long period of time due to this, if he expected them to turn around and trade him he wouldn't have done so. It's a business alright, and Holmgren certainly didn't do himself any favors with future signings. That's why he was screwed over.

I haven't read a post that seemed so simplistic and dense in nature as this in a very long time.
The way you describe Carter as the next coming of Jesus himself now ahs me wondering why the Flyers traded him....Ohwell, too late to do backsies. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to trade this guy.

1. I have never heard Voracek is a "known partier". Not saying you are wrong, but everyone in the league knows Carter is. That would likely shed some light onto the magnitude of the problem.

2. You are right, he has scored alot of goals for the Flyers, too bad none of them were when it really mattered? 0.39 Goals per game regular season with a shooting average above 10% his entire Flyers career. 0.27 goals per game post season, shooting percentage averaging 7.2%. That is a big drop, when it matters most.

Of course he shoots alot, I'd love to see how many chances and how many more goals he could have had, had he not shot over the net on what seemed like every other 2-1 or shot he took.

3. Big center, good two way game. We arent really missing him are we? With the exception of face-offs that is, he would be a big help there no doubt.

4. yea he was given the impression he was here for his career. But what actions did he take after the fact? Obviously not favourable ones. I get a new job, work diligently, and after my 3 months I have a favourable review, so i get the impression I am here for the long haul. But my work habits change, i stay out late every night, even nights before a big board meeting, my performance drops and my co-workers are taking notice. My boss calls me into the office, says look, I notice your slipping, knock off the late night stuff. I keep it up, who cares, they told me I'm here the long haul when I was working hard and doing my job. I find myself fired.

Its the way he regressed after signing that led to his dimise. Is my employer wrong for theoretically letting me go, even though after my probation they led me to believe I was there for the long haul? Not at all, my performance dropped, I was a distraction to my co-workers, they warned me. But at the end of the day, I didnt change.

Jeff Carter is this person. He signed a deal in good faith, so did the Club. But his partying etc obviously left a sour taste in the brass' mouth. They got rid of him. No one to blame but himself. How can you fault the organization for that? Even if the problems were brought to light ahead of the signing, you have a guy in the organization 6 years, you give them the benefit of the doubt. They prove you wrong and the axe falls.

Is it really that hard to grasp that the Club didnt screw Carter at all, that the reasons he was sent packing were brought on by himself?

Star players in this league don't just get shipped out for no reason, and it was widely publicized as to what Carter was up to. But I'm the ignorant one for not realizing what is right in front of me, and placing blame where it is due.

This is the NHL, you play the game to win, you understand it is a business. You therefore present yourself in the best way possible to be attractive to teams who want to win, and want you apart of that. Carter thought his skill was enough, but didnt work to present a professional off-ice persona, he acted childish, and a team looking to win now doesnt have time for off-ice distractions and players who arent going to give their focus to the goal.

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