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11-18-2011, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
Saying that our club doesn't miss him smacks of ignorance and really shows just how far into the sand flyers fans are willing to bury their heads in order to defend the team's management.

I mean surely management made this move to benefit the team right? Because they deserve that kind of blind faith based on prior results. How's that been working out for us?

This is a management that hasn't won jack **** for us in 35 years.
Explain to me how we are missing Carter when we have more goals a game this year, and a higher goal differential, with a much improved goaltending?

Faceoffs? Sure we are losing in that regard, but how has that stopped the team, considering they have played to 11-4-3 with the one of the leagues worst face-off %'s. And that can't even be placed on Carter, with Richards and Betts also out.

Present to me some stats and facts about how this team misses Carter aside from your 'feelings' about how he was treated.

And don't bother bringing his size into this, because aside from the centers, this team is bigger, stronger and faster then last years, and the centers are having no trouble holdering their own size wise.

So the management over the past 35 years is how you are judging these deals? No **** you don't have any faith. Homer has made some bad moves in his time, but are the ones previous to his tenour his fault? Not at all.

Can you not give credit where it is due? This team has good goaltending, a solid forward core and a good defense. Whats the problem? Sounds to me like your 'feelings' about the Carter trade have alot more to do with other transactions and transgretions then the deal itself....

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