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11-19-2005, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Lowetide
In a thread on the Edmonton board, we're discussing the differences between some clubs in terms of scouting Europeans.

iirc, the Sens have had their last 2 directors of personnel European based (Kekalainen and then Hedberg). Is this correct?

I also recall that Frank Jay and Trevor Timmons are very much involved in all aspects (including European players). Is this also correct?

One of our fine posters on the Oiler board (dawgbone) asked if the Sens track their previous picks closely. This question came up in regard to the Oilers being unaware that Alexei Mikhnov couldn't see well and that Misha Joukov had an injury about which the organization was unaware for some time due to language barrier and not sending a scout into that area.

Is this something the Senators monitor more closely iyo? Do they keep better tabs than that on their European selections?

Thanks in advance.
Kekalainen and Timmins left the organization after Mashall Johnston was replaced as GM. IIRC Kekalainen is now the assistant GM in St. Louis and Timmins is the Director of player personel in Montreal. Hedberg is our chief scout, and Frank Jay is our Director of player personel. There is still another guy (Sorry don't recall his name) who is given alot of credit for finding alot of our Russian talent recently (Mirnov, Kaigorodov, Zubov, Nikulin etc...). Though I don't know how closely the follow all their draft picks, IMO they must do a descent job considering the success they've had. Hopefully there will be a transfer agreement in place soon so we can see more of these players in NA in the near future.

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