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11-18-2011, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by sbtatter View Post
All hail the hardest shot in the WHL!! Nice coming out party for the 17 year old tonight, let the country see what Brandon fans have seen for the last 14 months....
Some "scouts" on this board have claimed they have never had Pulock "wow" them, well, I guess that changed tonight?
Well, that's basically directed at I have said that exact comment 4-5 times.

I've never claimed the kid didn't have a great shot. That, and his mobility are his two best attributes IMO.

With that being said, he still had 2-3 bad plays in his own zone in regards to blown coverage or simple turnovers. It's typical to see it though from a kid his age. Great offensive tools, still a work in progress in his own zone.

I'm not doubting that he will end up as a top 15 pick in 2013, just saying that he has holes in his game.

But yes, his shot does have that WOW factor. Even if it's not 95+mph, as was claimed by a poster on here 2-3 weeks ago.

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