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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
No offense, but you really aren't worth the time. It's been discussed around here tons how our team defense as a whole has looked incredibly shaky (specifically the forwards). If you truly need someone to explain why our best goalscorer who was a good two-way forward is missed, then you need to get out some video clips of Carter. We got a good return for him most definitely, but Richards and Carter leaving this team has had a large part to do with the team's shortcomings this year.

It's one thing to try and say he wasn't screwed, but you're going off the deep end acting as if the departure of Carter didn't affect this team. Calling Carter a big man, two-way forward, gifted goalscorer is not calling him Jesus or overrating him...that's what he was. That's why we got the significant return, you're the one incredibly underrating his value here.

It's not as simple as "Well he's gone, and we're doing decently right now, it must mean he's not missed". Though all of your arguments seem to be that simplistic in nature.

If anyone here is being blinded simply by feelings rather than a forwards actual worth/contribution, it would be you with your blind "faith" as you put it.
A) I never said or implied that Carter is not talented. Of course he is, I'm not an idiot. I've watched him in Junior and with the Flyers. But looking at old goals and then saying the team could use him, when goal scoring is not an issue is redundent. The flyers lack players with similar two-way games to Carters no dobut, but I feel collectively, especially in the last 2 weeks or so, and the beginning of the season, the two-way game hasn't suffered. Add Carter into the mix, and I don't think it is noticably better to justify saying the team ****ed him over.

B) We arent talking about Mike Richards, we're talking about how you think the team screwed Jeff Carter, and how I think Jeff Carter screwed himself.

C) I'm not saying it didnt affect this team, but you can't argue with their current success. You can't argue that his 46 goals three years ago are missed, they arent. the team has better offensive stats now, then when he was here.

D) You are calling my arguments simplistic, yet the only arguement I am getting from you is beating around the bush. You took an argument that was about whether or not the organization screwed Carter or not, and turned it into a "the team would be better off with him in the line-up" argument.

ANY move you make when it involves a great young player like Carter will leave voids. But IMO the players acquired in the deal are doing a fine job as it stands and will continue to improve. OVERALL, the team is achieving success. While we don;t know if they would be more or less successful with Carter, you cannot discount what they are doing without him.

We could have arguments about how the team could be better with all the players that left this offseason on the roster, but the fact of the matter is they arent here, and success so far is being achieved.

As for faith in the club, I believe the moves made this off season have made the team stronger. Mike Richards is my favourite player in the league, has been since I watched him develop in Kitchener. Was I upset he left? Yes. That doesnt mean I can't acknowledge that it was a good trade for the team. Same goes for Carter. It was a good trade for the team, and it has proven to have been a successful trade.

It's quite obvious that Homer can do no good in your eyes if you can't acknowledge a good trade and use the past 35 years franchise history as your backing behind a lack of faith.

Its 2011, who the hell cares what happened in 1991, or whenever the hell it happened. Be a realist, work with what you have and move on, the team certainly is and they havent lost a beat.

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