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11-18-2011, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by AngryBoss View Post
My advice, pick a workout you'll actually stick to for more than a month.

Everyone always comes up with these crazy workouts that require 2-a-days, or 6-days a week.
They run a mountain backwards, then do jumping jacks on a high-wire. Or they wrestle a midget in hotsauce before doing pushups with a live snake in their pants.

Keep it simple. And make a routine you know you can stick too without getting discouraged, bored or overwhelmed.

I had a buddy that tried doing Insanity, P90X,...pretty much everything seen on TV.
He, like 99.9% of the rest of the population, quit after a couple of weeks.
I told him to pick 3 days and do 30-45 minutes; TOPS.
Stick to compound movements; squats, deadlifts, bench press, chinups, pullups, tricep dips, all the basics.
He had a stationary bike so I told him to end each workout with 5 minutes of HIIT or Tabata.

Guess what? He actually stuck to the program, got bigger, stronger, faster and cut weight.
With only 3 days on his schedule it was something he knew he could stick with. Eventually, he added a day or there with some jogging, sprints or something else.

I'm not saying you're like one of these people, but chances are, if you've never worked out, or only worked out a few times but then quit after a few weeks, then I'd suggest keeping it very simple.

Like I told my buddy, 'If you've never worked out, then just curling milk jugs twice a week will technically make you stronger".

When writing out a workout, really give an honest answer to yourself "Will I do this workout multiple times a week and for at least 3 months?".
If yes, go for it. If not, then make sure you pick something you know you can accomplish and will do for more than 3 or 4 weeks before quitting.
I completely agree with everything here. I'm not looking for motivation or help in that department. I simply wanted to share what's been working well for me.

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