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11-18-2011, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
You don't think he could be as affective as St-Denis, seriously ? He would only be taking Gill's position. That can't be that tough really.
I doubt Henry could be as good as St-Denis, as he's only been the 2nd best D in Hamilton because of how bad it's been for the rest. St-Denis is way better then Henry in the AHL imo, as St-Denis last season was the Dogs best D all round imo and is again this year. Henry's problems are that he is easily beaten to the outside, same problem Komisarek had when he was here but worse.

St-Denis has been improving by a good bit each year since he was signed to an AHL contract in '08, but my concern for him has always been his lack of strength. If he was much stronger he could easily be an NHLer as he's smart and hard working plus a very good shot blocker and puck mover for the Dogs. I'm not saying he's on the skill level of say a defensive version of Desharnais (since both went undrafted out of the Q due to being undersized, signed by the Dogs to AHL contracts before playing so well that they got NHL ELC's) as Desharnais was one of the best players hands down in the AHL last year, St-Denis imo is one of the better defensemen in the AHL. Desharnais is showing that size can be overrated, hard to say what will become of St-Denis but presonally I wouldn't write him off if he can find a way to overcome his lack of size/strength. It's worked for DD as he can feed the puck as good as anyone but for St-Denis he's likely always going to have trouble moving guys from the crease.

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